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Blog: 5 steps a Young Professional or Newcomer can take to land the job they’re looking for.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017  
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By Mohit Ganju


As we celebrate Canada 150, I thought it was a good time to share some of my experiences on how I got my first job in corporate Canada as a professional newcomer and pen down some tips that could help newcomers & professionals, especially in their early stages of career. While I write this piece from a newcomer’s perspective, I believe these 5 steps hold true for a wider spectrum of job seekers.

As a newcomer, if you have landed in Canada without a job as many of us do, well finding ‘the one’ becomes THE TOP PRIORITY. Believe me, most of the other life pieces run on auto-pilot in Canada except job search. That can really take the wind out of you!

As an experienced marketing professional, I like using the analogy of a new brand/product launch. Entering the Canadian job market requires a clear and well thought through strategy. Imagine yourself as a brand to be launched in a new market – you need to have great brand promise, a positive/consistent brand experience, good understanding of the market and a market entry plan. In my newcomer experience, I believe there are the 5 steps that you can take to provide a foundation for success in building your own brand and approach to the market.

Have Faith and Patience.  Two of the most powerful words in a newcomer’s journey. These two words are extremely effective when used and practiced together. It starts with you. Have faith in yourself and your capabilities. Your faith in yourself will get tested multiple times, the idea is to really hold your fort and hold tight to your values and principles. Patience - one needs to have a lot of it! You got to be patient and have a ‘never give up’ attitude. Remember, it all works out in the end. Easier said than done but believe me, you will need these two to help you sail through.

Find a mentor. Yes, get one as soon as you can. Simply signup for a mentorship program (quite a few that are government funded) and insist on getting a mentor in your area/industry of interest. For example, if you are marketer looking for job in banking, look for a mentor in banking (not necessarily in marketing). A good mentor will help you get deeper insights into the category and connect you with relevant people within/outside their organization. Can’t thank my mentor enough for providing all the guidance and support.

Yes, networking works. Corporate Canada runs on networking. Meet as many people as possible, get in front of them for a quick coffee or just an informational interview. Your friends and mentors can help you build your network. Attend networking events. Embrace diversity and meet people from different cultures; believe me, there is a lot to learn. Networking is not only a short-term play but critical to your long-term success in Canada.

Start volunteering. Volunteering is not only a great way to utilize your free time but also a fantastic way to network, understand Canadian work culture and see how work gets done. You need be a bit strategic about where you volunteer and what you volunteer as. Get into something that is on-going rather than one-time. Ideally, look for an organization that is linked to the industry you are interested in working in, such as its existing member base, sponsors or organizational mission and vision. Try to volunteer in the area of your expertise/interest for maximum impact. For me, volunteering at Ascend Canada has been the path to fulfilling work from a personal and professional perspective.

Be yourself. This is the toughest to crack. How one keeps a consistent brand experience has a direct implication how one does in the Canadian market. It’s all about being yourself and not letting the change in environment or circumstances affect your personality or how you present yourself to others. Don’t put on an act, don’t try to emulate, don’t be someone else.

I hope my experiences will help get you to start planning your market entry strategy. By sharing what I learned in my evolving newcomer story, I wish that your journey is a little easier. Remember – Have faith, be patient, find a mentor, network as much, volunteer and be yourself. All the best!

Mohit Ganju works with Scotiabank’s Global Targeted Marketing team and is a proud member & volunteer of Ascend Canada. You can connect with Mohit @ All views expressed are in his personal capacity.


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